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Our Best Services

Pain Management

Our clinic is best in managing different painful conditions.We use different techniques to ensure that we alleviate pain from patients.These includes use of physical measures such as electrotherapy machines,excersises,massage,supportive therapy etc

We seek to improve the quality of people's lives through focusing on their health and well being.Quite simply we want people to live a healthy,pain free and fulfilling life.

Hand Therapy

Our clinic is equiped with well trained hand therapists who provide services to patients with hand injuries,post operative hand rehabilitation services,paralysed hand therapy and rehabilitation services,splinting etc.

Orthopedic Items and Supportive Therapy

Our clinic supply all orthopedic items that assist in facilitating healing process of an ailing body.We have trained personnel that help in measuring and fitting the items.


Our clinic offers general rehabilitation to patients with physical needs especially those who have been incapacitated by stroke,post operative cases,children born of disabilities,children suffering from delayed milestones,people with various paralysis i.e paraplegic,quadriplegic,facial nerve paralysis etc.

Occupational Therapy

This is a branch of medicine that uses purposeful activities to restore function or development.

Our clinic offers occupational therapy services to patients who suffer delayed milestones,cerebral palsy,ricket etc.We have well trained and experienced occupational therapists who will meet your needs.