5th Avenue Office Suites 6th floor



Capitolphysiotherapy limited is a diversified rehabilitation and pain management company offering both physiotherapy and occupational therapy services to improve on people's health and lifestyle both at their homes and work places.


Our clinic has highly qualified and trained staff who are very experienced in their lines of profession.


We are located in a serene environment,equiped with highly trained and experienced staff together with ultra modern equipments.Our hands on approach make our services unique and satisfying.

Service Hours

Our clinic operates on flexible schedules.With special arrangement patients can be seen at odd working hours i.e a patient can request a 6:30am booking or even a booking from 6:00pm till 8:00pm.

Home therapy

Our clinic offers to see patients at their residential places on special arrangement.The client will only call to request for home therapy service and it will be at an agreed charge.